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Select one of the self healing packages outlined below.

Your package includes:

  • Four Healings - One healing a month (5 months of healing)

  • One final spiritual counseling after the fourth healing

  • Monthly healing package meditation

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Dreaming in a Female Body

  • Healing to your Dream Space

  • Healing to your Women’s Astral Body

  • Healing to your Female Energy in the Body- taking it into your Dreams

  • Bringing your Dreams into the Body

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Creativity in a Female Body - What do I want to create ?

  • Healing to your Female Creative Energy

  • Healing to clarity in what you want to create for yourself – your creative channels

  • Healing to your energy that would limit your vision of your creativity

  • Healing to your ability act on what you want to create

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Self-Affinity and Wellness Package

  • Healing to Self Affinity – Bring it into present time

  • Healing to your vision of your universe and your place in it.

  • Healing to your female energy and your body’s wellness vibration and your ability to play and enjoy yourself

  • Healing to how you see yourself in Wellness – amusement

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Relationships in a Female Body

  • Healing to your communication with yourself – ability to hear your own voice

  • Healing to your female energy- validate your female voice

  • Healing to your ability to talk about your needs

  • Healing to your ability to receive

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If you're interested in finding out more about a Women's Healing Package
email us at
or call us at 415.453.6196
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Women's Healing Packages
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