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Welcome to the Aesclepion Healing Center

"At the center of the teachings offered within the Aesclepion Healing Center is the recognition that there is a natural body and there is a spiritual body. It is recognized that while many forces drive the natural body, it is the pursuit of life experience that drives spirit. Spirit pursues growth. And spirit only grows when validated."   
John Fulton
"There is a Natural Body.  There is a Spiritual Body."
The Aesclepion Healing Center is the Seminary of the
Church of Aesclepion Healing
A Seminary or a theological college is for individuals wishing to explore philosophy, theology, spirituality, and the religious life -- exploring your spiritual nature. This exploration is accomplished by participating in the Aesclepion Healing Center's spiritual studies and activities, many of which can be accessed through correspondence.
Guiding Light - John Fulton, Founder
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The Seminary | aesclepion healing center

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