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One-To-One Program

One-To-One Program

16 - 45 min Sessions / Group Clearing Sessions   

The threshold is the most neutral point between this life and your last incarnation. Some call it heaven ...

Consider that the body was not designed to be occupied by “all of you”  and that in the moment this incarnation was created, you split into three parts:​

  • The file clerk: that constant flow of thoughts

  • The akashic recorder keeper: you in your dreams, and

  • You, as a soul personality: the part of you exploring  the past, the future and occasionally getting stuck there


With this notion in place, have you ever considered that at times you seem to be working against yourself? In the Aesclepion One to One you will explore your universe not as an issue of personality but as a mechanical event -- how it all works.

The Sessions
     File Clerk        
Akashic Record Keeper
Eighth Chakra
Astral Body     
Genetic Entity  
God of your heart
Supreme being

Intuitive Training Program

or agreement with director

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