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Healing Packages

A Healing Package is....
a series of prayer healing (Trance Medium or Hands on Healing)that recognize you on your spiritual path and the step you are taking.
It is a space for you to receive spiritual communication and validation during your time of change and growth.
Creating your package:
The healers listen to your statements around what you would like your package on and then look at you spiritually and what energy is between you and your overall goal for the package.  There are a series of four prayer healing and two spiritual counselings that make up the package.
When the healers set up the package, they will also set a vibration for your step- which is referred to as your healing package color.
You will receive two prayer healings, then have a spiritual counseling (where the healers will read the energy of the step you are taking in your package) and then you will have two more prayer healing followed by your last appointment of a spiritual counseling.  These appointments all happen in the healing services- both in house or over the phone.  You can get Trance Medium Healing or Hands on Healing as part of your package.
There is a recorded meditation that you can listen to on the Church Member's Resource Page- to meditate on your package.  In addition, there is a live meditation over the phone that you can participate in on the fourth Sunday of the month at 10:00 am pt.
A staff person may contact you during or after your package to discuss how it went for you. However feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.
To make your appointments email
or call 415.453.6196.
More information on your package color:
Your spiritual step as been set at a particular color (vibration) to recognize your step. 
At anytime during your package, you may meditate on your package with this color.  Imagine the color of your package on the top of your head - the crown chakra.  This is you matching the vibration of your step.  Take a deep breath and recognize you are in the process of making a change.
Healing Package Color -
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"It is sown a natural body,
it is raised a spiritual body:
There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body."
~ Corinthians 15:44
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