It was founded on the simple premise that there is a Natur
al Body and there is a Spiritual Body. 

During early discussions it was agreed that
many forces drive the Natural Body, but that it is the pursuit of life experience or growth that drives Spirit.  This is simple enough, but not necessarily easy.  The catch, is that Spirit will take a step or grows, only when validated.  

"Where does a person go, what does a person do to find spiritual validation - to find their space?", Lewis asked.   The Church of Aesclepion Healing is the response to this question.  The Church of Aesclepion was created as a sanctuary; a spiritual healing sanctuary.  A place where through the act of both receiving and giving a healing, a person finds validation. 

In memory of...
Lewis S. Bostwick.

May 30, 1918 to March 21, 1995

1314 Lincoln Avenue
San Rafael, CA